Presentation pointers are one of the absolute essentials you should have when doing presentations and teaching.


The presentation pointer helps in guiding the audience’s attention to a certain part of the presentation slide and helps you emphasize the points you need to make.

Think of yourself in the student’s perspective –

The teacher switches the slide to a slide that is full of text and images. It’s a bit overwhelming on where to focus your attention. However, with proper use of a laser pointer, the teacher can guide the student’s attention to only a certain part of the slide, and then move the laser pointer to another part of the slide when it’s the proper time to change your attention elsewhere.

Much more calming to the student, don’t you agree?

The presentation pointer can also control your slides with the click of a button. Do not forget that.

When it comes to switching to the next slide, it is much faster and less distracting to have the presentation pointer / clicker do this for you instead of walking back to your computer for every slide just to press the mouse to move the next slide.

The only disadvantage to the presentation pointer is if you’re doing a presentation using a big screen TV, in which the laser from the presentation pointer will not be effective on the TV screen. However, you can still use the clicker function to transition to the next slide on the presentation.

Below is an example of a laser pointer that I currently use to teach at my youth group (TNTT – VEYM – Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement) at my church and also to do presentations for school.

AMERTEER Wireless Presenter RF 2.4GHz Presentation Laser Pointer

This is a more “ergonomically” friendly wireless laser pointer to use that you would insert through your index finger. The center button activates the laser. Toggle between slides with the left and right buttons. Pretty much the same functions as any other laser pointer.

This presentation pointer is extremely light, and it allows you to free up both hands instead of only having one hand free in case you have to hold something since the pointer is attached to your finger.

For charging, the presentation pointer comes with a USB cord to allow you to connect to your PC or a USB port to your wall. While charging, a small red light will show. When charging is complete, the light will turn to blue. Full charge is usually accomplished within an hour.

The pointer also comes with its small circular carrying case so you’re able to keep everything together (USB cord and the laser pointer).

If you prefer a traditional stick presentation pointer, then by all means, go for it. As long as you have a laser and can use it properly to guide your audience’s attention, then you’re good to go! There are many options out there. Check out Amazon for some great deals.

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