Hello everyone. My name is Socrates.

I enjoy creating VLOGs, life videos, and cooking videos on Youtube. I also stream games on Twitch.

My hobbies include creating short films and video projects, such as highlight videos, wedding videos, promotional videos, and slideshows. I also make cooking videos. Occasionally, I do photography that focuses on scenery and people.

I believe that we can all do great things in our lives. It’s all about having the determination to achieve our goals and having the support of our friends and family to help us get through our challenges. We can turn every challenge that we face into an opportunity for growth.


  • B.S. Civil Engineering – San Jose State University (2014-2018)
  • M.S. Civil Engineering – San Jose State University (2019 – Present)


I currently serve as a youth leader for the Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement (VEYM) at my local parish. (2014 – Present). The organization focuses on teaching the youth about God and the bible, and also to be good Christians.

Activities that I have been involved in consists of – Scheduling, activity planning and execution, secretary, technology support and training, videographer and photographer.