Wedding Mass with my Best Friend

My weekend was pretty packed with activities (Oct. 18-20). Friday was work as usual, with a wedding rehearsal that night. During the day on Saturday was the wedding at the local cathedral. Right after the wedding, I had to go straight to the airport to catch my flight to Las Vegas. I was really exhausted from spending hours on homework for my classes, but I was very excited and happy to finally be able to visit Las Vegas again for the annual Dai Hoi La Vang event.

Airport travel to and from Vegas is really straightforward now (my 3rd time taking the plane to Vegas). Navigating around the airport almost felt like muscle memory. The scenery around the city, especially the city lights at night looking from the horizon, looks absolutely beautiful. Weather in Vegas was great too! Clear sky and similar temperatures like my home town!

Dai Hoi La Vang at Las Vegas last weekend was full of great memories and great times. I flew out of my home town at 4 PM and arrived at 5:30 PM. 5:30 PM – 6:00 PM was spent trying to Uber from the airport to the church. I was very glad that there were no delays and hickups for the flight and transportation. The day is almost over!

Although I could only spend around a day at the event (Saturday night to Sunday), I am still very happy to be able to finally see my TNTT friends from Las Vegas / SoCal / Arizona / etc. and catch up with them again.

I really love the TNTT chapter here because everyone is so kind, happy, welcoming, loving, and very hardworking. No matter where we all came from to attend this event, they treated all of us like family. I felt very relaxed and happy to be with all of them.

This was my first time getting to stay for the Sunday activities (the closing mass and seeing the release of the balloons and the rosary balloons to the sky). It felt really awesome to be a part of that experience.

Releasing All of the Balloons
Releasing the Balloon Rosary
Balloon Rosary in the Sky

Special thank you to my friend Nhan for letting me stay with you over the weekend! 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I’m glad that everyone is doing well, and I can’t wait to see everyone again next year! Keep in touch! You’re all amazing!

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